Our 2019 Christmas Letter

Greetings Africa Uplifted Family and Friends!

This past year has been busy for Africa Uplifted. We sent teams to Sierra Leone in January (2), May, and September. Looking ahead, we have teams scheduled to go in February, March and May 2020. We are still looking for team members to go with us in September 2020. Let us know if you are interested!

Our feature “project” this year was the replacement of our team vehicle. Our Toyota Landcruiser, which we had acquired back in 2008, was nearing the end of its useful lifetime. In fact some might argue that it was already past the end! In any event, we were able to purchase a shiny new vehicle this year thanks to your support. Hopefully, this Landcruiser will serve us for many years to come.

Our many projects in Sierra Leone continue to operate including our sponsorship of the clinic, school, and church in Manonkoh.  We continue to serve school lunch in Manonkoh every day and our scholarship program has expanded to make post-secondary assistance available.

We continue to gradually add additional projects that can be both impactful and sustainable. In 2020, we hope to provide payroll subsidies to add permanent staff to the recently renovated clinic in Yonibana.

We, and our board, are prepared to continue our work and with your support will accomplish our mission to enrich the lives of the people of Sierra Leone. Thank you again!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020!

Julie and Lance Burma


Africa Uplifted