Our Impact

Africa Uplifted has enriched the lives of hundreds of families in Sierra Leone in the following ways:

Promoting basic wellness

Africa Uplifted constructed and helps subsidize the Doris Acton Community Health Center in Manonkoh, Sierra Leone. This facility provides basic medical services to approximately 1,000 residents in the Manonkoh area.

Removing barriers to education

Africa Uplifted constructed and subsidizes a preschool and primary school in the village of Manonkoh. It is one of the only schools in the area with a school lunch program. As a result, over 300 students are able to secure uniforms, enjoy classes without being hungry and learn from qualified capable teachers. Students who excel are offered scholarships to continue their education in junior secondary school and beyond.

Satisfying essential physical needs

Africa Uplifted has constructed and helps maintain several water wells, latrines and community centers that help meet the basic needs of communities that have over 1,000 residents.

Nurturing spiritual development

Africa Uplifted has provided maintenance and salary assistance to several churches in rural Sierra Leone.

Creating economic opportunities

Africa Uplifted subsidizes the salaries of over two dozen Sierra Leoneans who work in healthcare, education and project management. As a result, dozens of families benefit from Africa Uplifted’s intervention.