Our September 2019 Trip

We recently traveled to Sierra Leone with a team of seven primarily to provide medical outreach services. Our team included a pastor, a doctor, two nurses and a lab technician.

We arrived in Manonkoh in Northern Sierra Leone on a wet and rainy afternoon. After greeting our friends there, we got organized for two days of medical services at the Doris Acton Community Health Center.

Over the next two days, our team provided medical services to over 100 patients (which is normally a week’s worth!).

While the medical team was engaged at the clinic, our pastor handed out friendship bracelets and took class photos at the Manonkoh Preschool and

Primary Schools. These bracelets were made by members of Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church in Bloomington, Minnesota. Each bracelet was accompanied by a photo of the person who made it and a note. The children were thrilled!

After a day of visiting surrounding villages and Sunday morning worship, our team was off to Yonibana in central Sierra Leone. For the next three days, the team provided medical outreach services to over 300 patients. The team worked out of a newly renovated medical facility that has not yet been staffed.

Each member of the team was paired with a translator or medical professional from the surrounding area. Patients were treated for a variety of ailments including malaria, colds, flu, infections and more. Two patients were referred to the local hospital for more advanced treatment.

After Yonibana, the team returned to Freetown for one day of rest before starting the long journey back home.

Overall, the trip was a success and achieved all of the goals defined before we left. We appreciate your continued interest in our organization and your help in achieving our mission to enrich the lives of the people of Sierra Leone.

Best regards,
Lance and Julie Burma
Co-Founders and Directors