Current Projects

Africa Uplifted currently sponsors a number of ongoing projects in Sierra Leone including:

The Doris Acton Community Health Center

This primary care facility constructed by Africa Uplifted in 2009-2010 and consisting of a clinic, staff quarters, water wells and latrines is situated on five acres of donated land in the village of Manonkoh, Sierra Leone. The DACHC provides basic health care services to approximately 100 patients per week and employs a staff of approximately 12 including the nurse in charge – Peter Kamara. The DACHC includes a solar power system that provides electricity to the clinic, the staff quarters, and the adjacent primary school.


The Manonkoh UMC Primary and Preschool

This campus which was expanded by Africa Uplifted in 2011 and again in 2017. It now includes Three preschool classrooms, six elementary classrooms, a kitchen complex, water wells, and housing for the teachers. The school currently employs ten full time teachers, two teacher aids, a custodian, four lunch ladies and one headmaster. The school provides preschool and elementary education to over 300 students.

Africa Uplifted provides subsidized school uniforms and supplies to all enrolled students for a nominal fee. Africa Uplifted provides salary supplements for all teachers and serves lunch at the school every school day. All of the inputs for the lunch are sourced locally and women from the village work as cooks.




Africa Uplifted provides housing, transportation and education allowances to the boy and girl from the Manonkoh UMC Primary School Class VI who have achieved the highest scores on their national test. These allowances create the opportunity for two students per year to continue their education at the Makeni UMC Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School. Africa Uplifted also provides a limited number of post-secondary scholarship opportunities to assist students attending university or vocational training.


Water Wells

Africa Uplifted has constructed several water wells and provides subsidized maintenance as necessary for approximately eight wells in the Manonkoh, Sierra Leone area.


Africa Uplifted has constructed or renovated several latrines and provides subsidized maintenance as necessary for the latrines in Manonkoh, Sierra Leone and the surrounding area.


Pastoral Salary Assistance

Africa Uplifted subsidizes the salary of the UMC volunteer lay pastors in Manonkoh, Sierra Leone and performs minor maintenance items for the church in the community.