Our 2021 Christmas Letter

Greetings Africa Uplifted Family and Friends!

This past year has been challenging but productive for Africa Uplifted. Thanks to your support during our annual fundraising campaign last spring, we have been able to continue our long-standing programs such as:

• Supporting teacher salaries at the Manonkoh preschool and primary schools,
• Serving school lunch every day to over 300 students,
• Providing scholarships for nearly 20 students in 7th grade through college, and
• Supporting salaries and operational expenses at the Doris Acton Community Health Center in Manonkoh.

In addition, we were able to work with the United Methodist Church in Sierra Leone to identify and hire staff at the newly renovated clinic in Yonibana. Going forward, Africa Uplifted will be supporting payroll for this staff and, thanks to a multiyear grant commitment from OC Ministries Minnesota, we will also be providing operational support for the clinic.

While we have not been able to send a team to visit Sierra Leone since February of 2020, we are, as of the writing of this letter, planning to send two Africa Uplifted representatives to Sierra Leone to review our projects in December. We hope to get there ourselves in the Spring of 2022.
Despite the travel difficulties, we have been able to manage our projects through email, text and video conferencing.
As always, we appreciate your ongoing support for our work. We wish you and yours a blessed holiday season and a happy new year!

Julie and Lance Burma
Africa Uplifted